Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Another movie about food, with some rather bizarre vignettes. It's Tampopo.

A woman, Tampopo, is now running a noodle shop, but it's not doing great. One trucker stops by, and is taken by her business, and implores her to do more. She takes him as master, and slowly begins to learn the true arts, with the aid of several others. Eventually... she becomes a true master of the noodle!

This is a rather bizarre movie, as aside from the main plot, there are a number of other moments scattered around the place, all centered around food. There is a Yakuza type food gourmet, there're people learning how to eat noodles, there is a moment when someone extorts the dying mother to make one last meal... and aside from the food connection, I didn't feel like I followed what was going on at all.

Fun but strange.


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