Thursday, 15 September 2016

Privat Resorte

It's a sex comedy! Featuring Johnny Depp! I have no idea why I wanted to watch this!

It's a resort where Johnny and other guy turn up and immediately Johnny decides to hit on all the scantily clad young women. Of which there are many. Meanwhile, the Evil Bad Guy wants the diamond off an old lady, but is repeatedly foiled and humiliated by the other guy. And the other guy is just after the waitress. It comes together as for some reason I've already forgotten they all run around the resort trying to escape each other and get hands on the diamond and... hilarity ensues?

There are so many laughs to be had here, it's amazing I didn't even smile once. From the horny young kid that is trying to rip bikini tops off (who disappears from the movie) to the big guy who gets Depp and co to help him try to cheat on his girlfriend, to the security manager who is basically slapped around in every scene he's in, and the old lady that knows self-defense... There's nothing here that can fail to not raise even a chuckle.

Oy, I think I hoped for something interesting to happen, but not from this movie. Just press skip.


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