Friday, 16 September 2016

Lost Four Room

We get a key piece of backstory, and one last big revelation.

The cop is at the motel, where everything started. While he has the room 10 key, there is no room 10, and never has been... at least, not since the incident. After that, the Collectors came together and collected Objects, trying to recreate something to access the room and the power again. Unfortunately, something went slightly wrong, and the woman in charge disappeared into room 9, but shows up again from time to time as a ghost as Objects come in. The cop gets the watch Box, which stops things decaying, to stop her from disappearing, and together with the comb finds out that his daughter is still alive, and that he needs to find the man in the picture.

Because while the room has Objects, who owns them? Boom! With that one moment, we open it wide. We also get more of the Order, and find out they are crazed nut jobs, but they do have some useful Objects. But now we have the final objective that we must get.

This is the exposition that we need to explain the level of events that happened. Again, I love this series, because that is great stuff to fire the imagination.


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