Friday, 2 September 2016

Lost Two Room

While the big over arching story is all about these mysterious Objects, the story we get is a father trying to find his daughter. Literally, as she disappeared in the Room.

The cop is now on the run as it seems he was responsible for some events that went down and now his daughter is missing. While there is a reasonable (in so far as a key opens a motel room is reasonable) explanation, he doesn't care about that and just wants his daughter back. And so he ends up teaming up with the Weasel, the bad guy from the start, and finds out that some Objects in combination are more powerful, and what they need is the clock. We also find out there are at least two groups/Orders, and two men who are after Objects themselves, and... how is there these big huge networks around the Objects in this universe and no-one else has heard of it? Anyway, being intelligent, they get the clock, but of course it doesn't work. And, one of his fellow investigators is now obsessed by these Objects, and kills his partner, with the blame on him. On the run he is!

Again we have the intelligent progression of plot. There needs to be a door? Well, here's something our hero found out before. A door is missing a knob? Fortunately, he thought ahead. The thing is in a safe? Well, they found out that Objects stay in the room. And there's another plot point, Objects cannot be destroyed, that will come into play later nicely without being explicitly referenced.

The groups involved are a little silly. While it is understandable they are around, they are too prevalent to be believable... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Wait up, for there's a lot more coming!


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