Saturday, 7 January 2017

Revengue of the NERDS!

Yes, it's that classic movie that has now become a symbol for misogyny. Let's check it out!

Two characters, Lewis and Gilbert, are new to college, and now they have a chance for going after women! Only problem, they are extreme stereotypes of Nerds! They team up with other nerds, and form their own fraternity, but have trouble with the jock fraternity of Alpha Beta, and then get their revenge!

With how we start, fine, the jocks are obnoxious. But you know what? The nerds aren't any better! This isn't the tale of the underdog, this is the tale of a bunch of unlikeable characters all over the place not doing anything good!

However, let's get into it. The nerds form Lambda Lambda Lamdba, but the Alpha Beta's aren't interested in them. Fine, the ABs are jerks, and their big prank is letting some pigs into their opening party... which is a standard fraternity prank (from what I understand of movies), but this leads to the revenge. First against the AB associated sorority Pi Beta Pi by going into the sorority and setting up cameras...

...okay, even without the cameras, and with understanding that there is panty raids, this seems like straight up assault. Never mind being a prank, the LLL should be evicted, or put in jail or something! Instead, we get the gratuitous nudity, and they even involve minors (a young lad watching it). It doesn't go on as long as you might remember, but it isn't good.

Compared with this, the revenge prank on the ABs is putting liquid heat on their jockstraps... um, that seems like basic huge scale difference. This is just a stupid fraternity prank, the kind you expect. How does this compare with the invasion?

And then we have a big competition thing to decide who is the next top fraternity/sorority. The games session has some tricks by the nerds to get over the jocks, but the jocks win. Then there is the charity booth, and fortunately the nerds have pictures of the topless Pis to sell their pies... er, again, I'm thinking criminal charges? And around this point is where Lewis fakes being the main jock to have sex with the lead Pi. Again, I'm thinking rape charges, but she enjoyed it so it's all right? The last is a skit session, where the Alphas actually show a more fun side by dressing as cheerleaders, but the nerds are the only ones with an actual set up, so of course they win.

The Alphas get mad, trash the Lambda's house, but the dean finally stands up to them and the coach, with the help of the sponsor behind the Lambda's who shows up to silence everyone because... I'm not sure. What the hell is the point of this bit? Is it because they are black? But the Alphas haven't shown any sign of being racist, so... what? Anyway, big nerd speech, everyone embraces their inner nerd, yay!

Okay, some problems with the handling of Pis, but otherwise this is just another stupid college fraternity movie. Certainly not something make a series out of.


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