Saturday, 21 January 2017

Revengue of the NEEERDS!

And we progress further, from sexual objects to... well, basically sidelining them and not featuring women at all. This is good?

This is some time later, so this is the Next Generation, with a new set of nerds at Adams. The Tri-Lambda's are doing well, but the Alpha Betas are complete idiots. Two old ABs turn up (including the bad guy from the first movie), the bad guy becomes dean, and nerd hating renews. Lewis is still around, but now he's Lew, and becomes "friends" with the bad guy. However, eventually Lewis is disillusioned by the friendship, becomes a proper nerd, and strikes back at the hate. But behind the bad guy is a badder guy who orchestrates Lewis' downfall, until finally... the bad guy reveals he is a nerd and sides with the nerds!

I've seen saying 'bad guy', because while he's played by Ted McGinley, I cannot remember the character's name. And frankly none of the characters are memorable, and just feel like second-rate versions of the nerds from the first movie. And speaking of that... this whole movie feels like a second-rate version of the original movie. There is a sort of original plot line involving Lewis, the bad guy, and the lead female from the first movie, but other than that it's basically a repeat.

And there are women in this movie. There's the lead female, there's another chick that hits on Nu-Lewis, and... a couple of others, but they are just in the background. There's no boobs on display here (not even in a wet tshirt like the second movie), so I'm guessing this is progressive for the times. Now if they could only pass the basics of the Bechdel test...

We didn't need this updated version, but then we didn't need the second movie either, so I can't imagine anyone would let a small point like that stop them.


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