Wednesday, 25 January 2017


Yeah, it's not a new film, deal with it. And I doubt I'm going to say anything new about this either.

The Tracey's are lured away by the Hood, but fortunately the Kids(tm)! are on the island to confound them. Which they do by getting captured while the Hood gets away with what he wants, so that's good. The Hood is off to cause trouble in England, but is defeated by the Kids(tm)! because of course he is, even though the final defeat of him is rather confused. But hey, that's not new. Yay, the Kids(tm)! are all right!

Yeah, as has been said, we have the kids, not the Thunderbirds. Indeed, the machines are only in a third of the movie. That seems to be missing a very important point about seeing a Thunderbirds movie. But I will say this... if you ignore the Kids(tm)! scenes (and you will want to), this actually does feel rather like a Thunderbirds episode, so I can see how that might work. Instead of putting team out of the way while the Kids(tm)! have the movie, just split the team, and you'd have the same story really. Only without the annoying Kids(tm)!

However, aside from the Kids(tm)! the other worse part is the cutting. It feels about a cut every five seconds. Ye gads, that is terrible.

People wanted a Thunderbirds film. And still do, I think.


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