Friday, 6 January 2017

TP 3.2

After all this talk about Galactic Trig and such, we get our first story on another planet. And it's rather dull. This is Worlds Away.

The reason telepaths are so late in breaking out on Earth is because the Egyptians are to blame. The Egyptian gods that is, who are, of course, aliens. They have a telepathic nullifying field and the machine only recently stopped working, hence the Tomorrow People. This machine is still working on another planet, so the TPs are sent there because they are used to working without powers. And lo, we get our 'peasant village' standard tropes, complete with witch telepath burner. Fortunately, the TPs are there to... shoot the machine, and everyone is saved!

Which is stretched out over several episodes. It's only three, but it feels like more. And the first episode they aren't even on the planet yet! When they get there, there's obviously the machine responsible, but instead of heading straight for that and dealing with it, they take the time out to deal with the locals. GET ON WITH IT!

This story is notable for two things. The first being the explanation of why telepaths now and not before. The other is the on screen presence of Philip Gilbert, the voice of TIM, who plays various clones with the acronyms of TIM (because, GET IT????).

This just isn't a riveting story, but it should be. With the Egyptian gods and another planet, this should be exciting. But it's dull. The next story however...


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