Sunday, 14 February 2021

Cloud in the Shadow

Humm... So, I saw this.. but I don't know what this movie is trying to say.

A WAAF catches a plane ride with an important cargo, but the planeful of men aren't the most respectful towards her. As the flight goes on, she sees strange things on the plane, and so the men start to suspect her and pick apart her story. Soon, she is fighting for the plane and more than herself to get to some sense of safety.

This is definitely the movie of Chloë Grace Moretz, and we can as the camera is on her the entire time. Like, she is in the below gunner position (as that is the only room for her on the place) and we stay there for most of the movie. The character imagines some of the peoples faces, but basically it's an audio play with one character on screen. But the problem the movie has isn't with her, or that stylistic choice.

But to explain, I need to go into some spoilers. We have three elements in play here, Maude being a female on the plane, the cargo she is carrying which is linked to another character and (here is the spoiler) is their baby, and then there is the gremlin attacking the plane. And the problem is... these elements aren't linked. Like, okay, Maude and her baby, but just so happens to be the fathers plane as well? (She took the first plane she could, so that wasn't planned.) And her fighting the gremlin... that wasn't linked at all. It didn't connect to her motherhood, or having to put up with the men (which did have to happen), but it was like "we need something to fight, so stick this thing in there" and it doesn't really fit.

There could have been a fine thriller without the gremlin, as tension mounts over Maude's story, but that is tacked on because... getting people's bums in seats?

Ultimately, it didn't work for me. Just too many things trying to fit and they didn't.


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