Tuesday, 31 August 2010

DVD Raider

For a while, I've had the Tomb Raider Interactive DVD, but never got around to actually completing it. For one thing, it's not like ten minutes to complete it. It is three Acts, and they take a while to get through as there are lots of cut scenes to watch. In fact, there are more cut scenes than there are scenes in which to interact.

Another reason I haven't been playing it is because it's buggy. There are 25 interactive sequences (which may comprise of a few interactive moments), which are scored from 0 to 5, and at the end of each sequence you get a code that you can enter to skip to that section again, rather than play through the previous game. Which sounds good, except, as you might guess, the buggy-ness kicks in and the codes aren't given properly, so there really is no option but to play through the previous bits, and I haven't had the time, nor inclination, to go through it all.

Until last night. Finally decided to complete the damn thing. And... I'm not sure that I want to say "fun" as such... I'll go for "mildly entertaining and distracting". Which is the best you're going to get, considering the story content. This is a cut down version of The Angel of Darkness, and by "cut down" I mean "incoherent". There are lots of characters that turn up and Lara knows them for some reason. There's a whole lot of mystical rubbish that comes out at the end out of nowhere. And... basically... the game runs like we're watching someone else play through it and there are moments in which we get to do things. (Which is basically what it is.)

The game play is rather odd. In most sequences, you are directing Lara to go somewhere (around a room, going somewhere in the cities is entirely in cut scenes, as can't have a moment where the player might do something themselves). Typically, there is one sequence to get what you need, otherwise Lara dies, so then you have to go through it again (possibly including unskippable cut scenes, although most are skippable) until you get the right combination. [It does pay to look around to sometimes get some extra points. A two-team version can be played, but I had enough with just the one-team option.]

The main style of action sequence involves entering in a combination of up/down/left/right with the remote in some prescribed sequence. Which raises a really annoying point for me, in that the DVD controller I have is not exactly the best for that sort of play. There were a few sequences I couldn't get, or barely got, because of the control panel not exactly being arrows but more of a wheel (like the old ipod control). Fortunately, there are "Play Safe" options which gets through the sequence, but without as many points.

Aimed more for the 'non-gamer' market (or extreme completists), this could have potential... but the fractured nature of the story, and the sense that you are watching someone else play, means that it is unlikely to appeal to actual Tomb Raider fans. Pity about that (but then, they probably have the proper game).


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Monday, 30 August 2010

The other way around

When I talked about Literal Music Videos, I didn't have this version in mind...


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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Still at Stormhaven, we prove ourselves to be debonair and charming and able to talk our way around any conversation. We also prove ourselves to leap before we look, soeak before thinking, and, basically, rush in where everyone fears to dread.

We're PCs, dammit!

All you coudl hope for in Game 21.


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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Damn You Embedded Players!

You can tell that various video sites are only allowing embedding of videos in other peoples pages out of an extremely grudging sense of letting other people actually use their services.

There is one very big indicator of this. Namely: what happens when you click on the video.

In particular, when you happen not to click on the tiny hit boxes that are the play/pause buttons you are immediately sent to the host site. Not asked, not "here's a button that will take you to the host site and when you click on the video something sensible happens like pausing/unpausing" ... 'cos that's what I want to happen! That's what happens when you click on the video on the actual host site! That would be the nice generous and not-dick-ish thing to do!

Because if you happen to click through, and you go back to the page where you want to be, you've lost where you are in the video, and have to reload! (As a consequence, more annoyingly, if you've let the video load up in the background while you did something else so you don't have to wait for load/lag times, you have to reload the entire thing!)

I know you like your host site, and want everyone to go there, but would it be such a hardship to have that as an option in the toolbar as opposed to griefing everyone who wants to show off some video of interest!?!?!?!


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Friday, 27 August 2010

The Skeptics Speak

Strangely enough, there was another New Zealand Skeptic Conference. It's like they happen once a year or something!

As with last year, there are podcasts available for the talks.

Dealing With Wignuts - which way to turn
Dr Michael Edmonds

The demonization of fat
Dr Helen Petousis-Harris

Nibiru arrghh!! We're all gonna die
Dr Nik Warrensson

Mass Delusions
Dr Robert Bartholomew

Near Zero Inc – a sadly prophetic company name
Dr Paul Ashton

Responses to ‘A History of the “Unfortunate Experiment”‘
Professor Linda Bryder

Hmm... you don't have to be a Doctor speak there, but it looks like it helps!


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Thursday, 26 August 2010

The World v Mr. Pilgrim

I admit it, I was hesitant about this movie. I'd read/heard good reviews for this, but, on the other hand, I distrust hype. On the other other hand, this movie is directed by Eager Wright, and I do trust him...

And, indeed, this movie is a little tough going at first. I wasn't immediately swayed by the over-graphics used, but... around about the third fight, I decided, yes, I like this movie.

Everyone knows the idea: Scott Pilgrim gets himself a new girlfriend, and must deal with the baggage of her exs, as expressed through the medium of fighting, in particular something akin to Asian Martial Arts movies (the kewl kind with the flashy effects). And other people must deal with his baggage in a similar manner. Ah, if only life could be so easily solved by punching someone in the face and making them explode into coins...

While the characters are largely annoying (no-one acts with complete purity, as they are human and flawed), fortunately the movie itself doesn't require them to be liked. The fun is in what's happening more than who it is happening to. There's nothing I particularly want to say about the actors, decent enough job, but nothing that really stands out that needs mentioning.

So, yeah, if you've heard good things about this movie, and are wondering about it, I can only say that I was in that position and I enjoyed it.


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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

War on Scales 17

We searched the castle/dungeon/thing for a while, but couldn't find anything like an entrance to the mine area. Even pulled up a tree to look underneath it. (Melora wouldn't be pleased with that, but these are Underdark trees...) Nada. Best to sleep on it.

And then we get attacked while resting. Annoying! Retribution is swift and deadly. I consecrate the ground around us, although the creatures barely stayed in one place (and barely stayed alive enough) for it to be a problem. We're getting good. [In fact, we barely need a healer at all when we are at full party strength.]

While I head back to bed, they follow the attacking party to find an entrance to further down. They block it up so we can examine it more clearly in the morning. When we head down and find more tunnels. And more creatures. Without really pausing to discuss it, they leap in to the attack, and I follow up behind [and am the only one to get hit by a poison dart trap that I can't save against until the encounter is over. Damn dice...] Can't really say there's a problem against them, and I do some help in making the enemies easier to be hit, but again not much for the healing (except on myself, sigh).

The odd thing is, we fought a plant creature that called itself Queen... Usheba (or something). But these creatures are fighting in the name of the Queen. Is she dead or...?


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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Not an Ordinary Family

Looks like all the new shows are coming out over the next month. The first up one that I'm aware of is ABC's No Ordinary Family. Being described as "The Incredibles"-like, it's easy to see why given that this is a show about a family that gets superpowers. As with a certain other group of four individuals, the powers are linked to their personality.

The dad is the core of the family, the Rock underpinning them all, holding them up with his Strength and Solidness. Yeah, like Michael Chiklis is a stranger to the Hulk... I mean Thing. The mother is rushing around, trying to keep up with her life, so she starts taking speed. Or something like that. The daughter cares about what people think, so guess what she gets? And as for the son with brain deficiencies, it's ironic what happens to him... actually, no, not really.

(Hey, do you think I just spoiled the show? You get all that from the official trailer, which is like the pilot, but in three minutes.)

I'll give it a good first episode, and they haven't forgotten the other side to the superhero coin. As yet, I want to see what a "typical" episode looks like. Is it "family moment of the week dressed up in superhero powers" or is it "supervillain taken down while dealing with family issues". The former may be a better story, but I'm thinking the latter will sell better.

Anyway, a series to at least give a go.


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Monday, 23 August 2010

Those Other Dudes

Because what we need right now is another buddy cop movie. The last one worked so well... oh, hang on...

The Rock and Samuel "MotherF..cking" Jackson are the two bestest ever cops evah! Then they do something really stupid for no reason what so ever other than the plot demands it, so then other cops must step up to being the bestest, but all that is left are... the rest of them... who get embroiled in some stupid financial problem thing, and have relationship problems, and it's all hilarious...

And by "hilarious", I mean really, really awful. This is just a stupid movie, with bland characters, character moments that just offend, and a plot that completely fails to inspire in any way any thing at all.

This is, in some ways, a "vehicle" movie, for the comedy stylings of Will Ferrell and Marky Mark, neither of whom manage to actually be funny. What were Michael Keaton or even Eva Mendes thinking being in this? Frankly, if it wasn't for Steve Coogan, who out acted, and out comedied the rest of the cast, there would be no redeeming features to this movie at all.

If you are thinking of watching this movie... why?


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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Another episode, another round of Gavin dodging questions. Even more so this time! Of course, after time has past, I've thought of better ways to answer questions and, more importantly, better ways to turn the points around. Hey ho.

Oh, and we kick off a mini-campaign that will continue next episode.

All this and less in Game 20.


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The Dependables

Was this based on a comic or something, or was this purely a vanity project for Stallone? Either way, it's not something an audience should be subjected to.

The plot is some country somewhere is being run by some dictator with some American's backing, and The Expendables are sent in to kill everyone. Well... this is pretending there is a plot, which there isn't. There are a number of action sequences strung together with a more than slightly cliched premise, a pretense at character growth (blink and you'll miss it, but don't worry, it doesn't affect anything), but basically lots of knives and guns and people dying.

Let's be honest, there are a number of reasons people will see this movie, and they have nothing to do with anything pretending to be a reason for the so-called story: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Eric Roberts, Steve Austin, Mickey Rourke, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis.

So what we end up with is a bunch of big names, going around and getting in fights, for no reason worth discussing. Which is fine if you like that sort of thing. But if you do like that sort of thing, I'm guessing making soup is an intellectual challenge for you.

This is a piece of rubbish tossed out because someone felt like making an action movie. There's no reason to go see it.


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Saturday, 21 August 2010


I have admit, I was looking forward to this movie. An action pic with a female lead that doesn't depend on her being extremely slutty all the time. I suppose it helped that this was original a male lead with a rewrite (some parts rewritten more than others, I'm thinking), but still "strong female lead" applies.

The basic premise of "top agent revealed to be double agent" is pretty much all this movie needs to get going. There is the inevitable "is she/isn't she?" argument going on, although one suspects the truth right from the start (she's the lead!!!), and the answer is given about half-way through. That doesn't stop any of the action, and there's a lot of ass kicking to go around (that being what the movie is really about, not any spy/political rubbish).

Angelina Jolie is the leading lady in question, and she must have very tough feet. She is also more than capable of taking on the action without pausing for breath. Liev Schreiber is her superior, but remains type cast. Chiwetel Ejiofor gets the best non-action moments and would be lead contender for returning in any sequel (aside from Angelina of course), should there be one.

Go in and enjoy this movie, but don't expect deep plot. Not that anyone cares.


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Friday, 20 August 2010

Up, Up and Air-Way!

Not my standard fare. This looked to be a romantic comedy, although it was a very lightweight one. Romantic comedic drama? Whatever you classify it as, I can't say I'm surprised that this got six Oscar nominations.

The two aspects to this movie is the job: Ryan fires people, and the place: Ryan flies all over the country. The two aren't really connected, in that it could be any job that causes someone to fly about, but since the main point of the movie is the connections people make, firing people is an apt choice in that that is about breaking connections.

The "romantic" aspect is that Ryan does try to make a connection, and the comedy (which is light, not pratfall or anything broad) is how well that works. As well as Natalie, who's comedy lies in her failure to understand the whole connection business as well.

George Clooney, as Ryan, is, simply, amazing. His performance alone makes this movie great. Fine, his face is set in near permanent smirk, but he carries it off so well that I was just blown away. While the other actors were good, he was the next level beyond. Who was he up against that he didn't win?

If you missed this movie, and thought that in any way it might even potentially be a movie you might want to check out, do so. And if you don't think so, then definitely do. Fantastic movie...


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Thursday, 19 August 2010

From Love With Paris

Meant to watch this when it came out, missed it, and so I pick it up now. Not sure if this counts more as a Luc Besson "idea I had" movie or a John Travolta vehicle movie.

The story isn't much more than "bad guys in Paris get killed". Yeah, there's something about how James Reece wants to be a gun-toting spy, and get a pair, but, meh, most of his scenes are stolen by Charlie Wax, so who cares about him? And right now, I can't remember if there were any motivation for the bad guys other than "we're terrorists", which shows how important that was to the plot.

As indicated, John Travolta completely takes over this movie. From the trailer, it seems like he's a lot of a dick, and while he is an arrogant bastard, he has a few more layers to him than the one, and a hint of an actual fully fleshed background, and thus comes across as a deeper character than you'd expect. Jonathon Rhys Meyers, on the other hand, doesn't really change that much over the movie, and considering he's supposed to be the focus, shows that he's really just the subplot.

Not a deep movie, but enjoyable for all that.


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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

War on Scales 16

Wandering around the castle/dungeon, we arrived in the courtyard on our way to elsewhere, when a Carrion Eater leapt out of the sand and attacked us. Or rather, attacked me. Took a good hunk out. And then the harpies arrived. Who screamed. Painfully.

I went down. I admit it. Bam! [Actually, it was three hit points off of a TPK!] They tell me I died. I'm not entirely sure I believe them, I should have been in the presence of Melora if I had died. Instead it was just an old man and some birds. Huh. But... they also say Mildred the wizard died, and now his body is missing! And Valadum has changed a bit... [we took the deaths as a moment to rearrange some characters] I do feel a bit sore... but dead?

Anyway, back to searching the place, and we find a room with some trees, and a bunch of creatures that try to attack us. (Aha! They are lead by a queen that was the source of the raiding parties.) Yeah, we kicked them all. Even when the hyenas turned up. [I used a daily that gave us resist five, which nearly completely negated the damage the hyenas did, and really made it easy healing wise. Although we ran out of time, we had two creatures left, and weren't seeing any problems.]

However... we have now cleared out the castle as far as we can tell. We're hemmed in by a sand storm. And there's no sign of the mine we came to find. Um... what now?


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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

In The Deep

On the other side of the world, there's a series out of Britain that goes deep. Deep under water, that is. Under the Arctic ice, a submarine goes missing, and so another crew goes looking for them, and finds something else in the area...

There are, almost immediately, people citing similarities with The Abyss. And, yeah, I'm going to join them. But perhaps there's less going on that there seems... or perhaps there are more. There are five episodes, so there's time for a slow build up on "what's going on", with a healthy dose of background flashback expositions (which is a really easy way of taking up time). Will there be aliens? Possibly made out of water?

Big name wise, we have James Nesbitt, last seen playing two sides of himself. There's also Minnie Driver, although I've heard the name more than I've seen her acting abilities. There's also a fair range of nationalities, with an associated fair range of accents.

This could be called "The British version of The Abyss." Yeah, but that shouldn't be seen as a bad thing, nor as a complete descriptor of the show.


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Monday, 16 August 2010

This Might Not Be My Life

A new New Zealand series that's vaguely sci-fi? That isn't for kids? How unusual! (And how many NZ SF shows for kids have there been? Quite a few...)

Anyway, This is Not My Life is... it's kind of hard to say. Not because it can't be summarised: a guy wakes up, starts to suspect that his life isn't real, but rather there have been four episodes so far and it's progressing slowly. Very slowly.

Which isn't to say it's not intriguing in its slowness. I'm intrigued, intend to watch more episodes, although I am wondering about the story (the next episode is supposed to explode the series to new depths!). Aside from "yes, this isn't the real life", I'm not sure where this is going, what's supposed to be unfolded.

Acting wise, Charles Mesure is very much laid back and relaxed, which makes it hard for tension building. Tandi Wright is good, although the character (yet) isn't very dimensional. Miriama McDowell gets more to do, but so far is playing second fiddle. There's a lot more reach for these people to go, and hopefully they will.

Decent series, one to check out. (Note: episodes can be watched for free in the link above. At least in New Zealand. No idea if there are country limits.)


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Sunday, 15 August 2010


Another day, another horror movie. In some ways, nicely done, in other ways very derivative. (This came out a year ago in the States!)

The setup, which I don't recall being used before (but could be wrong), is that robber goes into a house in which a vicious killer has already entered. Although you'll be forgiven for not realising this when watching the movie as it takes a while to get to that, and spends a fair bit of time (in comparison with the audience wanting to get on with it) setting everything and establishing motivation for the "hero".

But eventually we get to it, with lots of dark nastiness. (I was amused by the cat, but then I was obviously seeing a creature effect.) I have to say that it ended pretty much how I expected, and there are many set-ups that make you go "there's no way he could have had time to set that up", but beyond that it is quite enjoyable (for the genre). Nice atmosphere in places. (And I wouldn't be surprised to find that the actor playing the killer wore contacts.)

Josh Stewart is the "hero" of the piece (the guy is there to rob, come on, how heroic is that?), but it looks like he's on the verge of falling asleep. While we have the family we are supposed to care about (pah!), Juan Fernandez does a better job as the Collector. Not that we get his emotional backstory (oh the sequels they could pump out investigating that), but there is a real sense of menace about him.

A different setup but not that far from other horror/slasher pics.


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Saturday, 14 August 2010

DW: The Glamour Chase

Yay! A Gary Russell book! And with that author, I was expecting The Glamour Chase to be better than the previous two.

The story is aliens chased on Earth, and other aliens are coming for them. Yep, not exactly original. And the plot is taken up with the main crew talking to Oliver Marks over and over and over again. "Action", as such, only takes place in the end of the book.

But with Gary Russell, you get a focus on characters, and there are a fair few characters. Oliver, in particular, is well developed, and actually gives Rory to show off his nurse training (which has otherwise never really come up, even in the TV series). But, aside from names, I can't really say that the others are as well fleshed out. And I don't know what exactly it is, but the number-named Weave come off as less than notable, aside from two, 128 and 3, and that's mainly because they have short names! I get that Gary was trying to develop a totally alien race, which is cool, but unfortunately it comes up against cultural expectations and that don't quite link. Still, good to try different things.

As mentioned, Rory is given some room to grow, but the Doctor and Amy are fairly one-note. Would have though Gary could have done them better.

The best book in this set, and a nice read, although still not something I would overly recommend.


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Friday, 13 August 2010

Sensing bodies

So, in the news, a psychic finds a body. Not the body she was looking for, and only a torso, but the newspapers decided that "psychic" was enough to put in the header.

I checked out SMH for more information. Perhaps she found the body and merely was a psychic? "she had a "hunch" that the missing six-year-old girl’s body might be there." Hmm... I'm thinking she's trading in on psychic-ness.

On the other hand, maybe she saw someone dumping something that was young girl like, or maybe she had visited the reserve, saw the torso, and claimed that it was a psychic "hunch". Wouldn't be the first time. And would still be in the realm of non-psychic-ness.

Not that getting a "hunch" that the reserve was a good dumping ground and might be worth checking out needs a psychic touch to explain. (And, as it turns out, it does seem to be a place to use.)

I do like the police response. "I have certain strong feelings about people who claim they are psychic. I don’t think it will help if we enter a discussion on that." Read between the lines, mate.

But the most interesting thing about this: I have been writing "she" because her name isn't published. What psychic isn't going to mine this for publicity gold? A quiet, retiring, humble psychic? Didn't think they existed...


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Thursday, 12 August 2010

DW: The King's Dragon

Una McCormack's The King's Dragon clearly wants to be something (other than good), but I'm not sure what and I don't have the interest in finding out.

The basic story is that town with low tech comes across a resource that they immediately start using, only to have two forces show up and claim it as something they must each control. Yeah. There's something familiar about that, but I can't quite put my finger on it...

All the new series adventures almost seem to happen in real time. Considering no-one goes to the toilet or even eats, let alone sleep, it gets more than a little unrealistic. This adventure sees the Doctor and co turn up at the start of the night, run around, run around some more, get caught, and then talk a lot... and no-one seems to have any trouble staying up. (I also have this problem with 24.) While I wouldn't otherwise mention this, there isn't a lot going on here so I did notice it more.

Plot aside, the characters are well done. Hilthe is particularly well fleshed out, with skills and flaws. The Teller and Beol have a believable background and aren't one-dimensional. The Doctor, Amy and Rory don't come off quite as well, only some of which can be explained by the plot device used. There are some good moments which play on the Amy/Rory relationship and the Amy/Doctor relationship, but mostly they are there to unfold the next bit of the plot.

Again, not a highly recommended book.


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Monday, 9 August 2010

Start those enginges!

Since there is going to be a sequel, it was a good idea to check out the original.

As with all Pixar films, it is a lot of fun, a bit of an emotional tugging of the heart strings, and a lot of feel good moments.

Young McQueen is a hot shot, with the world just waiting for him to take it. He takes a wrong turn and ends up in a sleepy town, and learns some lessons about life. And falls in love. And when he returns to the rest of the world, he's grown and changed his ways.

And he's a car. In fact, they're all cars. I'm not sure how exactly that works, but, hey, Pixar film, enjoy!

Lots of names as ever, although, as ever with Pixar, not over stressed. Paul Newman, Owen Wilson, Michael Keaton, Tony Shaloub, Larry the Cable Guy, George Carlin, Cheech Marin, and, of course, John Ratzenberger. And more than a few race car related cameos.

"City guy learns the slow life" is a common theme, and it's done enjoyably here. [The extra short "Mater and the Ghost Light" is only really saved by the post-credit tag.]


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Sunday, 8 August 2010

It's "Char-Rah-Teh"

As remakes go, this one isn't bad. In many ways, it's quite good. (One of the best moments, in my opinion, was near the end when Dre reveals his motivation.)

The premise is that Dre and his mother have to go to China, and Dre gets beaten up as every single Asian person knows kung fu, of course. And then the bullies try to beat up Jackie Chan, but he's Jackie Chan! Like that's going to work! Ha! And then everyone agrees to settle their differences by beating each other up in an organised manner. It's civilisation people!

Jackie Chan is great, of course. Jaden Smith is surprisingly decent. The two of them have a great on-screen friendship, and I hope the pairing survives if there are sequels. (But, please, don't remake The Karate Girl, no pairing will save that.)

While there is some lovely footage of China, be aware this is a long movie. It doesn't drag, but some moments do linger. Ultimately, recommended!


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Saturday, 7 August 2010

DW: Nuclear Time

Poor Rory, not even in a decent photo shoot for the book covers, just photoshopped in with the Doctor and Amy...

Nuclear Time by Oli Smith isn't so much a Doctor Who story as it is a "neat idea" by Oli Smith in which the Doctor, Amy and Rory have been inserted. Clues that tell you this: more time spent with the non-DW characters than with them. Amy and Rory are in no way involving with anything resembling a plot nor advancing it. The Doctor is forced into a silly plot device to interact with others at only one moment. The ending is just a mess of "and then the Doctor does something clever to wrap things up".

The two main characters are Redvers and Gilroy, and it's not clear what exactly their relationship is. It should military guy/scientist, but at times it's played as a "bromance", and as just two guys in conflict. Either way, they aren't that interesting, although they take up a large chunk of the book.

Not that the main main characters are better treated. Amy and Rory are sidelined, and Rory is nearly competent, so that's not appropriate characterisation right there. The Doctor is also sidelined in a way, and while Oli Smith is clearly trying to be clever, it's just as clear that the idea is better thought of than indicated by the execution.

Easily skippable book.


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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Look Who Crossed-Over!

So I'm watching Warehouse 13, which is on the SyFy channel. (Yeah, the SyFy channel... don't worry, all the jokes have already been done.) And there have been some notable actors before from nearby series, including Eureka (Lupo and Zane) and Firefly (Kaylee and Simon!).

And then they mention Global Dynamics. Wah? That's the company in Eureka. And then... there he is! Fargo! Ha! Note that Eureka is also on the SyFy channel, so I'm guessing that was a lot easier to clear rights than for other shows.

And from the interview below, I'm guessing that Claudia is making the reverse trip... cool!


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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Of Steam, Steel and Murder

Following on from last time, we get to speak to the elusive Bob Starling, who gives us some exposition, but not a lot. And then people turn out to not be who they seem. Then everyone starts running around madly, people get away, and we go to lunch. And Gavin gets the third degree.

All in Game 19.


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Movie Roundup

Watched a bunch of movies lately, none recent blockbusters, so here's a quick line up of what I've seen.

xXx: Made when Vin Diesel was the up and coming name, and in no way a non-generic action flick.

Next: We do not need to see Nicholas Cage's "worried face" for that long. Silly premise that gets blown out of all proportion for an even more silly second half of the movie.

Tooth Fairy: There is no reason for this movie to exist. Frankly, there are many people who should be ashamed to be associated with this picture, starting with the entire British cast.

Daybreakers: Decent enough movie, although once again we are treated to "one good guy in evil organisation willing to help the underdogs". And the solution's a little too pat.

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant: This movie so wants to be about Larten, but he's just not that interesting a character. Otherwise, it's just another "coming of age" pic.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: A different way of telling a "rekindling love" story, but a "rekindling love" story nonetheless. And not the movie I thought it was... which means my idea is still a new one!

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief: A fun movie, if not that deep. A somewhat pedestrian "coming of age", but enjoyable.


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