Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Monkey vs Lizard

It seems this came out a week before the US got it... cool!

This is it! The title bout!! The one we've all been waiting for!!! ... I have no idea how to cut a promo!!!!

Kong needs to move, so they take this opportunity to hunt for the Hidden World that lies beneath the surface of the earth. But Kong on the move means that Godzilla realises he is around, and so... But wait, that's not the only thing Godzilla is getting annoyed about, and so we have the humans tracking down something weird in the heart of Pensecola.

Let's cut to the details: there are some monster fights, and you can even see most of them! Outside of the fights, there is a fair bit of humans, but there is also a lot of Kong. Like, I hope you want to see a big monkey often, because Kong is our connection to the soul of the Titans.

As for the big question of who wins... of course, I'm not going to spoil that, but a lot of internet guesses already worked out the plot, so I can't say I was surprised when things unfolded as they did.

Enjoyable, and they are slowly getting better with the monster epics, but we can do bigger and better monster fights, can't we?


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Saturday, 20 March 2021

Bill the Bailey!

I went and saw Bill Bailey live recently... because I live in a country not led by morons! There, I said it!

It was great. Laughed a lot. I'm not going to repeat the jokes because a) that's his material, and b) I'd probably screw it up. That said, I doubt any other group than those there that night will get "Satan came from Trowbridge"!

His comedy stylings are a nice... not really "family friendly" per se, but certainly not that hard edge of some comics. (Looking at you Jimmy Carr!) A more gentle comedy, with a mixture of stories, jokes and musical stylings.

Although the show was called "Enroute to Normal" there wasn't that much about the 'rona. Of course he did talk about how it was basically him in New Zealand (and the Wiggles) and we were one of the few counties everyone wanted to come to, and a wee quarantine story, but mostly it was random observations that could have been in any show. Not that I didn't enjoy it (see the part about laughing a lot) but that was a little misleading.

Still, great show, and I see Ben Elton is coming in May. Hmm....


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Thursday, 4 March 2021

Troll Bridge

This was a LONG time in the making. So much so that I'm in the backers list twice! Still, very good!



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