Tuesday, 19 December 2006

How dare they!

Recently, Hell pizza (and they really are wickedly delicious) created a furor due to an advertising campaign where they mail dropped condoms to house in Lower Hutt to promote their Lust pizza. (And, apparently, draw attention to "New Zealand's high rate of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections", but mainly it's about the pizza.)

Catholics in the area protested, and now they are calling for a boycott of Hell. (Which you'd think they would do anyway as a matter of course.)

Now, I'm sure they are very serious, and I also doubt it'll impact on Hell's business, but the aspect they seem most outraged about is "What happens when you're seven years old and you find something in (the letterbox) and you ask your mother or father, 'What's this?"'

Yes, how dare you force me to talk to my kids about sex! I won't have it in my house! Really, talking to my kids, the very idea...

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