Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Yet another archival post

So in TSV #43, what did I do? Yep, reviews.

St Anthony's Fire. This is the most forgettable book I have ever read. When I tried to re-read it I had forgotten one chapter by the time I read the next one! So what did I think of it at the time? "This is the second New Adventure from Gatiss and it is just as brilliant." Um... really?

Venusian Lullaby. This book could do with a re-read. I remember some bits (probably cited often by others) that makes me think this is possibly decent, but then there's that voice telling me that it is very long and drawn out and then quickly goes to pants. "the story comes over more as a list of what happens rather than as an actual novel." Yeah.

(Ha! I wrote this a while ago, and put in the temporary date of 7th of Feb... Ha!)

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