Sunday, 10 June 2007

47 - Order's Up!

Yep, TSV 47 is online. First off, check out the full wrap-around cover by Alistair Hughes, as most images only show the half on the front.

Who Killed Kennedy (note: no question mark!) has been available for a while as an e-book, and now the interview has been added to the archive. No doubt Alden will be adding a link between these two items when he thinks of it (or reads this entry!).

There are lots of reviews, of course, but also check out information on two books, Just War (with lots of detail from Lance Parkin) and The Discontinuity Guide (with the cut bits supplied by Keith Topping). [Both of these are, admittedly, reprints from other fanzines.]

But the more interesting piece is the NZ one, namely the information on the Cornflakes ad. Now, through the power of YouTube we can... ah, but I'm afraid not. Although if anyone does find a link...

Look also at Alden and Paul.

(Next time, check here for secrets revealed re the TV movie! But check here for the lead in to that event.)

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