Sunday, 14 October 2007

Alienating #51

So TSV 51 is out, with Alden and Paul here. Nothing of mine is in this issue, but there is an article I want to talk about. I've sort of already talked about this, so let me start by quoting my letter from #52.

The Terry Nation article certainly showed off just how much Terry had been involved, Far more than I ever thought. Although Peter Adamson's article seemed lacking in an essential point. He showed that there's a common theme in Terry's stories, but it didn't really go anywhere, at least for me.

The article I was talking about what Alien Nation. While helping prep this issue, I had to reread this article, which gave me a chance to see how well it stood up to the test of time. I know that Peter's always thought my review was rather more harsh than he thought it deserved.

So, I reread it... and it was damn good! This article is a fascinating look at the worlds Terry created that weren't the Dalek, accurately summing up the principles Terry brought to each story, and how they fitted in with his typical storylines.

Basically, yes, I'm revising what I said ten years earlier. Peter, if you care, consider yourself indicated.


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