Tuesday, 11 December 2007

53? What 53?

When I was proofreading TSV 53, I found an increasing sense of unfamiliarity. I'm not saying I remember every word in every issue, but nothing here was sparking any memories at all (well, except for one piece, see below). I'm thinking I never read this when it came out with #54. Weird.

Still, this does mean I get to appreciate A Question of Answers as a new reader. I get to be amazed by the vampires mentioned by James Grant. At last I understand what those teasing pictures for Dominion was all about. (And I also read a Karkus that makes a later Altos loves Yartec strip (in #69) seem like a rip-off.) It was a strange experience.

The one piece I did know was, of course, the story I wrote: Hotline. It was basically a piece that went directly for the humour, which is why I end up bashing the sixth Doctor so much. I also loved the idea that the Doctor got lost in the TARDIS and needed directions back to the console room. :) However, one thing that didn't work very well was that the Master was supposed to be one just one line and he was continually picked up, then put back on hold. I couldn't really find a nice way to express that. Still, it's still amusing.

As ever, check out more commentary by Alden and Paul.


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