Tuesday, 29 January 2008

A bumper crop!

The time has come to, once again, talk of TSV. In this case, TSV #54. There may not seem to be as much as in other issues, but the page count is just as high. This is the second-half of a two-parter issue, really, and the huge articles went into this one.

And they don't get huger than By Any Other Name, by Andrew Pixley. This is one of these most extensive ever looks into the nature of the original story names, which, if we are honest, don't have canonical titles, just canon-accepted ones. There's also an update, all of which proves that nothing has improved, and nothing has changed with the recent debate of the two and three parters in the new series!

Also taking up high page count is the interview with David J. Howe and a comic strip by Boswell and Boswell, Whispers.

However, not everything now online is new to the cybertubes as certain Mel content was already there, as was an early DCG entry. The archive project was already happening, in a way, but now it's off and running!

As ever, links to Alden and Paul.


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