Tuesday, 29 April 2008

DW: Episode 4.4

Just as well we don't see the monster in the opening trailer, as we have no idea what it is...

Compare with Helen's two parter last year... and marvel at how much better this is! No pansying around with "I want to make the Daleks a better race" here, mate, just straight get-on-with-it action!

Actually, to tell the truth, this reminded me incredibly of a Sarah Jane Adventure story, in that it featured a kid genius, lots of colourful sets, and there was no pretensions about an in-depth plot. Way hay, that's more the style we want to see! (Waits for immediate contradiction by the billions of fans who only tune in for the emo.)

But, yes, the return of the Sontarans... and they've changed a bit, as the Doctor noted. Lead by a hammy Christopher Ryan, they're more like a boys club than the mightiest warriors ever. "Sontar! Sontar! Sontar!" And was I the only one who thought that the kid was Justin Suarez's older brother?

Once again we are all enraptured by Freema Agyeman's performance. Why, oh why did you have to leave? (Was it pregnancy as one rumour had it?) Please come back to our screens permanently soon...

Fortunately, the obligatory "family grounding" was tolerable. Yay, Bernard Cribbens! I hope they get him out of the car, although it would make a change (and Helen has already done one twist with the whole "I'm going back to my family" schtick).

So, in all, a great first parter, and hope the pace can be sustained.

Next week: Christopher Ryan goes Over The Top!


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