Wednesday, 20 August 2008

TSV the 59th

Yep, another helping of TSV is on the net, this one being TSV #59. One of the more interesting pieces is the first part of an interview with Andrew Pixley. He always has interesting stuff to say, and this example is no exception. There are also two good pieces by Peter Adamson, A Carnival of Metaphors and The Machinery of Survival (in which I am credited with helping. Not sure why. Maybe I lent him a copy of Iceburg?)

There is also stuff by me in there. I have a very detailed piece on what happens during the Millennium in the DW universe. I'm sure it's useful to someone. I also contribute to the reviewing, clocking in review of The Curse of Fatal Death (which reads like I thought people had watched it before reading my review) and The Face of Evil (a very bad review, as in the review was bad, not the story. A few saving graces, but there is a far better review in the next issue). Not my best work to be honest.

As ever, check out Paul Scoones and Alden Bates.


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