Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Dante's Peaked

Okay, this movie has Pierce Brosnan in it, so I'm already biased towards it. I'd like to think I'd enjoy this movie (as I do) anyway.

Let's face it, this is a stereo typical disaster movie. Slow build with the main scientist not believed, and set up of various characters with some danger happening, but nothing really exciting. Then half-way, the events kick off, various characters (typically family members) getting into danger, and the main characters only saved because of something heroic the main character does. Oh, and Roughy will live.

Actually, this is slightly different in that the event isn't stopped, but merely survived. The volcano erupts, and it isn't reversed, it isn't stopped, it isn't even diverted away. The town is a disaster zone, people are evacuated, the secondary character that didn't believe the main character is punished (complete with Wilhelm scream), and the main characters still need rescuing after it is all over. That's different, at least.

Pierce Brosnan is, of course, great in this. Although he does seem to have better screen chemistry with the kids than with Linda Hamilton. Elizabeth Hoffman gets a nice turn as something close to a villain (if only in that she opposes the main character's, not in that she's trying to ruin them). And Roger Donaldson does a good job directly, even if the events portrayed should have killed the characters a lot quicker.

So yes, as a disaster movie, it isn't stretched to three hours, moves at a nice pace, and doesn't go for the 'hero saves everyone' ending more recent disaster films do, meaning this is something better than most fare.


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