Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Lest House on Cemetery Lene

Some people would claim this is a great and very clever parody... I think those people aren't judging it quite right.

A horror movie writer rents out a house, and very slowly (so very slowly) strange things happen. In the attic is an old woman who never comes out and has a dark secret. And the writer meets the neighbour with her own secret, but he slowly falls for her.

And there is absolutely nothing surprising about what happens. Make a prediction, this movie fills it. And I think that's where the point of it being amazing comes in? It's a collection of tropes that is exactly that, a collection of tropes and you know what's coming. But here's the point they are missing... the writer/director does nothing with it. It's a collection of tropes, but that all it is. As Jim Stirling as pointed out, if you are going to parody something, you have to do more than just ape what it is you are supposedly parodying, otherwise it's just another thing that you want to parody. And nothing comes of this, nothing original is done with this, and the movie itself... this director has done other movies, so why is this so bad? It feels like the actors weren't given any directions as to how to play their characters and the first shot was good enough.

This isn't parody, this is just a bad movie.


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