Thursday, 3 September 2015

Paultryghost Activity

Surprisingly, this isn't a cash in on the 'camera in room' phenomena, just a movie with a rather generic title.

A father and daughter, having recently lost the mother, move into a haunted house. Damn, that's unfortunate. The daughter is teased by a doll and then... I think either nearly or actually is raped by a ghost? And the father seems to be breaking down, but if it's due to the house it's not well acted. There's a heart warming scene where they connect, which should be a completely different movie, then it's back with a stupid paranormal investigator, and sudden death all around, before the two of them run away. Yay, happy ending?

This film is shot totally seriously. (Although there is the odd moment in the end credits which hints at humour, but that's bereft in the actual movie.) It also feels very amateurish, like Birdemic amateur, but actually done by someone with a degree of competence.

While not a great movie, it's better than some because it's at least competent, although the whole ghost angle just gets in the way.


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