Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Following tradition...

Since we must comment on this, allow me my thoughts on TSV #42.

I don't remember anything about it. There, that didn't take long. But that won't stop me seeing if my thinking has changed. Yep, it's those review again.

Blood Harvest. Hmmm, Terrance Dicks is always good for a quick and fun read, if not deep. "this book can only be described as mediocre." Hey! I guess I haven't changed. :)

Strange England. My main memory of this was Gary Russell pointing out, when he came to NZ for a convention, that the face on the manmachinethingy on the front cover was a composite of the Doctor's and Ace's faces. Oh, and that this book wasn't very good. "I found this book very good and quite believable." Really? I find that bad and quite unbelievable.

First Frontier. At some point this might do with a reread, but I mainly remember that it featured aliens that David McIntee got far too excited about. "The best thing I can say about this book is that it's average." Yeah, there's ringing endorsement!

Goth Opera. Despite this being Paul "the Fan's God"(*) Cornell, I do recall being bored with this when rereading it for a TSV article. "not a bad start to a new line". Ouch.

Evolution. There is no good here. "I found this book incredibly boring." See?

Next time... still more reviews!

(*) No, I've never heard anyone call him that, either.

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