Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of TSV #58

Yep, TSV time again. We're up to #58, and if we continue at the rate of one per month, we'll be right on the heels of the actual issues in a year...

But anyway, lots of stuff in this issue, Scott Gray talks about the DWM strip Happy Deathday, which was in one the recent DWM collections. Peter Adamson and Alistair Hughes begin their epic journey going Beyond the Sofa, which is of course classic reading (watch out for the cat's input!). And then there's the Doctor Who take on the Locked Room Mystery.

Of course, the most important piece in this issue was already online, namely Sherlock Holmes and the Case of Dr. Who, an examination of the Sherlock Holmes references in Andy Lane's All Consuming Fire. That piece took a while to put together, with lots of looking up references in books (I really wish I had a copy of The Encyclopaedia Sherlockiana) and trying to work out if Andy actually made an oblique reference or just put stuff from... that place... The only change I might make now is to be stronger on the Spontaneous Human Combustion angle, which while I'm still fond of, is complete rubbish. Eh. Anyway, I'm still quite proud of what I put together and hope others find it useful.

And here are Alden's and Paul's comments.


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